cropped-img_3626.jpgI’m a backpacker and a nature lover.  When I was hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail one October, my favorite part was the evergreen trees–hence my trail name is Evergreen.   I absolutely love  the mystic, peaceful and wise trees.  I could breathe them in forever and never tire of staring at their beauty, especially against an azure blue sky high in the mountain tops.  From the soft, wispy saplings to the tall, strong giants, they simply amaze me.  I am honored to be in their presence.   During that hike among the spruce and fir trees, a heavy fog shrouded us for about 36 hours – hence this blog is titled Fog & Fir.  When we got to the highest shelter on the entire AT, we were hidden among the evergreens and fog.


I set up my tent in a secluded nook of trees and will never forget my peaceful resting spot.   It was the fall and although the air was cold, the fog was a warm, heavy blanket and I frolicked around in just my t-shirt–no one could see me through the mist!  Although I try desperately to live in the moment, I cannot deny my longing to return to the evergreens…

Live What You Love

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